Autoimmunity, Part A: Basic Principles and New Diagnostic tools
2- The Autoimmunity Diseases II
3- Autoantibodies
4- Immunology (fourth edition).
5- Genetics and molecular immunology.
6- Cellular and Molecular immunology.
7- Cellular and Molecular immunology (second Edition).
8- Cellular and Molecular immunology (Fifth Edition).
9- Renal transplantation.
10- Manual of laboratory immunology
11- Fundamental immunology (second edition).
12- Short protocols in immunology.
13- Gene therapy immunology.
14- Immunology of Diabetes (V).
15- Microbiology & Immunology.
16- Medical physiology.
17- Principles of biochemistry (Leninger).
18- Essential cell biology.
19- Concepts of genetics.
20- Clinical chemistry.
21- Dictionary (oxford).
22- Medical dictionary (Dorland).
23- Advanced American dictionary (Longman).
24-Sequence comparison:theory and methods.
25-Adult immunization.
26-Gene therapy of cancer:methods and protocols.
27- Neuro proteomics.
28- Dendritic cells.
29-Microwave assisted proteomics.
30-Cell biology assays.
31- Bioinformatics apartical approach.
32- human molecular genetics4.
33- Medical nanotechnology and nanomedicine.
34- Gene cloning and DNA analysis:an introduction.
35- Computational proteomicsintroduction to.

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